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Jonathan Supper

Founder  - drawing from 20 plus years experience in drama education and 16 years of running businesses in hospitality.

Sara Taylor

Theatre Admin Consultant & Exhibitions Director - 30 years of working in the theatre arts and foreign language education both in UK & USA

Janet Irvine-Smith

 Financial Director

Jazzi Supper

Marketing and Social Media Operations Executive. Assistand Manager External lettings.


Skye Bridge Studios 123 is pleased is able to work with a diverse range of artists, organisations and venues. 

Thanks To:

Iain Copeland Scottish drummer and organiser.

Peter Cox MBE ("I began my writing career at the..." click here to find out more)

Dougie Pincock the director of the National Centre of Excellence in Traditional Music. 

Llion Williams played the eponymous Ferryman in our first Dramatic Production.

Molly Danter ("Molly Scott Danter, who is a dancer, artist and storyteller originally from Edinbane" click here to find out more)

Joe Plumb from Horesebox Theatre was our first Artistic Director...

Greg Dobson (Greg is a local artist and founder of Create which holds regular exhibitions and promotes visual arts in Kyle of Lochalsh)

Dr Iain MacKinnon from the Skye Crofting Community

Kyleakin Connections ("Kyleakin Connections encourages and supports independent living and life skills for adults with a learning disability" click here to find out more)

Skye and Lochalsh Beekeepers Association held a skep making workshop at the studios.

Judith Bullivant & the team from the Plock lead a survival day for kids weeks.

Artists From 2022

brownbear (10/11/2022)

John Condron (10/11/2022)

Kristen Macbeth (10/11/2022)

Jamie Coleman (10/11/2022)

Paul Whittaker OBE (5/11/2022)

The National Centre of Excellence in Traditional Music (29/10/2022)

Lewis Mclaughlin (29/10/2022)

Mist & Wing (27/10/2022)

Jill Jackson (27/10/2022)

Jenny Sturgeon (26/10/2022)

Alan Reid (21/10/2022)

Hannah Rarity (6/10/2022)

Lucy Livingstone (2/9/2022)

Rachael Henderson (2/9/2022)

Kim Edgar (2/9/2022)

Ali Affleck (8/8/2022)

Robert Andrews (1/8/2022)

Louden Mackay (22/7/2022)

Michael Cassidy (22/7/2022)

Thompson & Lawrie (27/6/2022)

Speak Easy Circus (27/6/2022)

The Magic Lantern (24/5/2022)

Finn Anderson (24/5/2022)

Annalee Davis (19/5/2022)

Bancroft & Lyne (4/5/2022)

Scrapsmouse (1/5/2022)

Adam Holmes (13/4/2022)

Lorayne McLucas (6/4/2022)

Dooogie Hudson (4/4/2022)

Philippa Dobson (2/4/2022)

Linzi Clark (1/4/2022)

Broken Chanter (1/4/2022)

Amy Duncan (26/3/2022)

MT. Doubt (25/3/2022)

BrÒg (12/3/2022)

Simon Riddell (1/3/2022)

Artists From 2021 

Man of The Minch (11/11/2021)

Adam Ross from Randolph's Leap (11/11/2021)

Poppy Emer Greenford (20/10/2021)

David Gibb (20/10/2021)


Registered Charity : SKYE BRIDGE STUDIOS 123. SC051841

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