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At the studios, we have two lovely free exhibition spaces which are available for local artists who would like to exhibit their work.

Commission based.

Email us for more information.


Robert Andrews’ exhibition of recycled robot art ‘ROBOMOFOS’ (1/8/2022)

Originally from London, Robert Andrews has lived in the Orkney Islands for the past twenty years. He has worked previously as a teacher and then a graphic designer but, after being made redundant during the pandemic, he took up sculpture and invented ROBOMOFOS — robots made of found objects.

Robert collects unwanted metal objects from his local dumps and scrap yards, picks up pieces of brick-a-brack from markets and charity shops and gives them new life by assembling them into anthropomorphic figures reminiscent of the robots of mid-century science fiction. he has had several successful exhibitions in Orkney but this one is his first off the islands.

At the outset, Robert has very little concept of what a finished sculpture will look like — the overall form being dictated by the shape of the objects available and how he can manage to fit them together. When deciding how to combine the objects he endeavours to achieve a well-proportioned, self-confident and expressive-looking character with details that give the illusion of functionality. Robert judges the success of any particular piece by the extent to which the personality of the newly formed “robot” achieves a stronger identity than the former function of its component parts.

Robert cites his influences as African tribal art, science fiction films and comics, and the instagram pages of other contemporary artist currently engaged in making art from recycled scrap and, of course, the industrial designers who first created the objects he uses.
Each piece is unique and identified only by a serial number, but most of Robert’s customers give their robomofo a name once they get it home.

@robomofos on Instagram and Facebook

Scrapsmouse’s Exhibition of Figurative Mixed Media Drawings (1/5/2022)

“I am a mixed media artist based in Brighton and ‘scrapsmouse’ is my nickname. I belated discovered that I am ambidextrous, and now tend to draw two handed. I am interested in the conversations that seem to develop between my more rigid right hand, and the freer lines that my left seems to be able to produce. I like to explore how layers of collage and different media can add an element of dynamism in my work.

I try to recycle everyday scraps and materials to help explore a slightly alternative perspective on life drawing. My focus is on abstracted representations of physical forms.

These studies were done over the past few years at local life drawing sessions.”

@scrapsmouse on Instagram and Facebook, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Simon Riddell’s ‘Mental Collodion’ (1/3/2022)

“This exhibition comprises a selection of portraits taken from the ‘Mental Collodion’ project -an initiative to raise awareness and inspire positivity surrounding the thoughts, emotions, and states of mind regarding mental health.”

@mentalcollodion on Instagram

Lynn Fraser and Sara Taylor’s photography exhibition ‘Isle 2 Isle’ (9/8/2021)

‘Isle 2 Isle’ is the result of an ongoing collaboration between two creative friends. Lynn Fraser and Sara Taylor. They live on the Black Isle and the Isle of Skye respectively and travel from isle to isle for chat, wine, and photographic adventures. Each month they choose a different theme and curate the results on Instagram.

They are particularly drawn to nature and their environment, and the climate crisis is of great concern to both of them. With this in mind, they have been looking more closely at flora., fauna, physical features, and topography, documenting the beauty that catches their eye as they go about their daily lives living in the highlands.

@isle.2isle on Instagram

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